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Urban Earthmoving (Qld) Pty Ltd provides quality and reliable demolition services to the commercial and residential sectors.

Our professional and experienced staff and operators are committed to safety and compliance.

A demolition safety removal plan will be devised and all relevant government bodies notified prior to, and at the completion of, the demolition.

Utilising our own fleet of excavators and trucks, Urban Earthmoving can efficiently and cost-effectively demolish and remove any structure from your property, with minimal impact on the environment and surroundings.

If applicable, Urban Earthmoving can also assist with  asbestos removal/remediation.  Please visit our Asbestos Removal page for further information.

In addition, we can assist with permits, sewer seal off/capping and earthworks prior to the next stage of your project.

As part of our service, we provide  an onsite inspection followed  by a free quote.  If you would like an Urban Earthmoving quotation, please visit our Contact us page.

Demolition Licence - 2311802

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