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Brisbane earthmoving giant welcome the arrival this year of four new Hitachi excavators

New technologies continue to drive the success of companies in the construction arena. One company that has embraced emerging trends and product innovation is Urban Earthmoving (QLD) Pty Ltd, a specialist in the earthmoving game with services spanning both demolition and construction projects.

Starting out in 2007, Brisbane-based Urban Earthmoving is responsible for many of Queensland’s major demolitions and earthmoving constructions. Vince Cubito, Director of Urban Earthmoving said “Starting out in 2007 with my first second hand 3 tonne combo, I worked towards looking for and maintaining a stable client base and just concentrating on superior service. Wanting to give them more, I moved to dry hiring excavators to be able to start adding demolition to my services but still without any other employees for the first 3 years of business. Once I had enough money, I bought my first second hand 135-1 (which I still have and is still out working with nearly 10,000hrs) to help me demolish and bulk excavate.”

Utilising advanced technology with minimal environmental impact, Urban Earthmoving maintains a fleet of earthmoving and specialised construction equipment, which forms part of their unique formula in transforming their clients’ visions into reality when it comes to their projects. Their recent investment and new additions to the fleet include the Hitachi ZX135, ZX330LC, ZX225LC-5 and most recently a ZX135US-5 excavator. Urban now hold a portfolio of four new excavators along with their existing fleet of the ZX50U-3, ZX135US-1, ZX225US-3, ZX330LC-3 and ZX470LCH-3 of Hitachi machines and assures that number will continue to grow, ‘the smoothness and speed of the equipment, especially our 225 which is my favourite. It’s a combination of things but the stand out benefit would have to be the fuel economy and resale value,’ he said.

Vince relies heavily on the quality of Hitachi machines to get the job done, “Our Hitachi machines do a variety of work from general works with plumbers and concreters to our larger excavators running a variety of attachments such as 50,000 pound Auger drives drilling 15meters deep as well as Rock Breakers, Hydraulic grabs etc. The huge flow rates these machines offer work very well with our attachments,” he said.

Striving to meet customer satisfaction and go the extra mile, Vince comments ‘the machines are very reliable and reputable and I think customers know that also. Our gear never stops throughout the year so it’s great to be able to run them trouble free for so long.’

“We are working within a number of high rise developments in the Brisbane area as well as new sub divisions, shopping centres and infrastructure works.”

“I believe in strong business relationships, I’ve always trusted my Hitachi representative, Ross Anderson and I look forward to further business dealings in the future.”

Story by Chloe Grace for Hitachi's Solutions Magazine

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